About the creative process, the main goal was to show that the engine is very light. Which is represented by all the flying parts.
That it fits into many different bike systems. These are the lego like parts, which are clicking together.
That it can run with 4 different support modes. Therefore we used 4 colours, 4different Objects in the “washing machine”…
That it can run in different terrains and different bikes. Cloth, Bubble, Black Rubber.
And at the speed of 25km/h the engine disconnects from the bike, which let's you easily continue paddling with higher speeds.To visualize this abstract mechanic, we created the spinning tubes representing the engine from the previous shot.

Besides from that I really tried to work very close with the sound designer (Jürgen Branz) to have a nice match between sound and image.

Direction: Vincent Schwenk
Animation Assistant: Alex Schlegel, Alexander Trattler
Sounddesign: Jürgen Branz
CAD conversion: Ronny Schmidt​​​​​​​
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